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Ashley Mackay

Origin Energy

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Monday 4 September

12.41 KM

12:00 - 12:30

Bike One

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Why am I taking part

I've only been with Origin for a short time. It's a chance to get involved, to meet new people, and have some fun at work. I've also been helping set up the bike, wind trainer and computers with Lesley, which has been a lot of fun.

Status Updates

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Ashley Mackay posted an update
10 months ago
I was the second rider up, hot on the heals of Gary Williams. I managed to hold the lead for a short time with a 12.4 km ride riding at comfortable cadence. I've since heard (from just about everyone) that my wife managed to beat my distance despite having no seat (sitting on the crossbar on a cushion). Glad to have finished without any cramps etc.
Ashley has booked to ride on 04 Sep starting at 12:00
10 months ago