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David Close

Origin Energy

$535 Raised

Target $400

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My Rides Schedule

Tuesday 5 September

13.68 KM

12:30 - 13:00

Bike One

Wednesday 6 September

10.86 KM

13:30 - 14:00

Bike One

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Why am I taking part

Good for others. Good for the body. Good for the mind. Good for the team. Good.

Status Updates

Origin Foundation Pauline Kanhalikham donated $225
9 months ago
Matched giving to Origin employee donations
Alison Bessell donated $15
10 months ago
Margot Collignon donated $20
10 months ago
Good luck!
Natalie Chadud donated $25
10 months ago
Good luck! I might come by and heckle....
Sebastian Nixon donated $50
10 months ago
Hope you won't be "cheating" with an electric bike like you do for your commute to work...Good luck
Randall Taylor donated $50
10 months ago
Rules: No wheelies on the carpet Stay out of the kitchen Slow down when riding past the toilets
Andrew Mayers donated $25
10 months ago
Good on you!
Edward Wong donated $25
10 months ago
Oliver Close donated $25
10 months ago
Go Rund.
Hayley Scarr donated $25
10 months ago
Good work cousin David 👍🏻
David Close donated $50
10 months ago
Better get things started here!
David has booked to ride on 06 Sep starting at 13:30
10 months ago
David has booked to ride on 05 Sep starting at 12:30
10 months ago