The Common Good


The Common Good is all of us working together to give precious time to researchers, so they can give more time to us and those we love to live happier, healthier, longer lives.

Using the power of us all, we can sustainably fund innovative medical discoveries that will profoundly improve and save lives.

We believe in The Common Good because it makes things real in three important ways:

We make what we do tangible

We’ve quantified that every $44 donated = 1 hour of research time. We communicate with our donors to let them know when the Time they gave us is being used, and how their contribution is making a real impact

The research we fund is focussed on real outcomes

Our research space is unique in that researchers have timely access to patient samples and work directly with frontline health professionals in a teaching hospital environment. We focus on funding innovative research that has the potential to have a very real and profound impact

We dare to be different to maximise the impact

We operate commercial businesses to help self-fund our charitable operations. We offer people hope and inspiration to encourage involvement without 'guilting' people into giving. To sustainably fund medical innovation, we have to consider doing things differently both in how we run our operations and engage our stakeholders

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