Anthony Garnham


$1,035 Raised

Target $1,000

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Beacon Foundation

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My Rides Schedule

Tuesday 23 October

11.67 KM

08:30 - 09:00

Bike One

Why am I taking part

I have worked with Beacon for over 10 years and have first-hand seen many of the young people and schools we work with benefit from the great teamwork and programs that we run in schools and communities. It is great to think that through this initiative more young people will get that critical support to help them bridge across from education into meaningful employment.

Status Updates

Jeff Trompf donated $100
10 months ago
Anthony. Given you rode like a rocket, here is the promised bonus well done, nice work
Barrie Lambert donated $100
10 months ago
Great stuff Anthony, enjoy the ride!
Gavin Fleer donated $50
10 months ago
Peter Joseph donated $25
10 months ago
James Taylor donated $25
10 months ago
Great work Anthony!
Jeff Trompf donated $200
10 months ago
and an extra $100 if you're fast!!!
Matt Garnham donated $50
10 months ago
Anonymous donated $200
11 months ago
nick stavropoulos donated $50
11 months ago
go Birdy!!
Jon Kennedy donated $50
11 months ago
Good luck!
Susan Wearden donated $25
11 months ago
Ride hard and long AG - Go YOU!!
Campbell MacKintosh donated $50
11 months ago
Well done Birdie. Keep up the great work at Beacon.
P MW donated $100
11 months ago
Make sure there is an ambo handy...
Issy Garnham donated $10
11 months ago
Go Dad!
Anthony has booked to ride on 23 Oct starting at 08:30
12 months ago