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Who We Are

E Suarve is a not for profit organisation based in Ormeau, Queensland. E Suarve’s core focus is providing opportunities, guidance and pathways to success for disengaged youth.

E Suarve is defined as an ‘Alternative Learning Program’ delivering bespoke approaches to curriculum in response to students’ individual learning, behavioural, social and wellbeing needs, in a supportive environment that is outside of a students’ regular classroom setting.

E Suarve have diversion processes and referral pathways that support individuals as well as their families and carers. E Suarve’s Big Brother Program is designed to give students a sense of belonging by working in a team environment, building self-confidence, self-empowerment and a purpose in life. The Big Brother Program is a preventative for youth becoming incarcerated, and a chance to gain employment and/or further education.

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