Abhishek Jain

Origin Brisbane

$210 Raised

Target $200

Raising money for

Beacon Foundation


Not about the Tech

Raised $795 of $250

Spread the word

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My Rides Schedule

Friday 12 October

4.86 KM

10:15 - 10:30

Bike One

Why am I taking part

I want to fit and healthy and also wish to send this message to everyone. Please spare some time for your well-being and others. Life is too short so live every moment with thrill and joy plus a good cause!

Status Updates

Nikki Symonds donated $50
almost 3 years ago
Love your work, Abhishek!
Andrew Mercer donated $50
almost 3 years ago
Maree Targett donated $25
almost 3 years ago
Pedal hard!
Abhishek joined the team "Not about the Tech"
about 3 years ago
The team's fundraising target is $250 so far they have raised $795. Donate to Abhishek to help the team reach their target. Donate Now
Dipak Varshney donated $10
almost 3 years ago
Keep it up Abhi!
Leonie Lucas donated $25
almost 3 years ago
Great effort for a worthy cause - well done Abhishek!
Ken Sanders donated $50
almost 3 years ago
Always the leader on our team's volunteering and fundraising efforts Abhishek - well done! Looking forward to seeing you smash the highest Km's record for Ann St! Peddle hard and here's hoping you raise lots of $'s for a great cause!
Abhishek has booked to ride on 12 Oct starting at 10:15
almost 3 years ago