Tim Mann

BDO Australia

$1,001 Raised

Target $1,000

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Brainchild Foundation

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My Rides Schedule

Monday 18 October

15.91 KM

08:30 - 09:00

BDO Bike

Thursday 21 October

15.71 KM

08:00 - 08:30

BDO Bike

15.52 KM

18:00 - 18:30

BDO Bike

Friday 22 October

15.27 KM

17:00 - 17:30

BDO Bike

Why am I taking part

Status Updates

Emerson Valenti donated $251
8 months ago
You are awesome
Tim has booked to ride on 22 Oct starting at 17:00
8 months ago
Tim has booked to ride on 21 Oct starting at 18:00
8 months ago
Anthony Whyte donated $300
8 months ago
Champion effort driving this initiative!
Tim joined the team "Audit"
9 months ago
The team's fundraising target is $1,000 so far they have raised $2,546. Donate to Tim to help the team reach their target. Donate Now
Kim Colyer donated $200
8 months ago
Tim, I don't normally do what I'm told by you, but I did listen this time when you told me I had to donate $200 - happy to. :) A great cause. Happy cycling...
Scott Birkett donated $250
9 months ago
Great work Tim! You are once again an exemplary role model for the Audit and Corporate Finance teams and someone I personally aspire to be like. You are also very intelligent, handsome and strong.
Tim has booked to ride on 21 Oct starting at 08:00
9 months ago
Tim has booked to ride on 18 Oct starting at 08:30
9 months ago