Humberto Jimenez Martinez

PwC Brisbane

$75 Raised

Target $200

Raising money for

Starlight Children's Foundation



Raised $1,075 of $5,000

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My Rides Schedule

Monday 21 October

11.17 KM

08:30 - 09:00

Medium Bike

Thursday 24 October

12.91 KM

08:30 - 09:00

Medium Bike

Why am I taking part

When i was a kid, I was involved in a horrible car crash. While nothing major happened to me, besides fracturing my right femur... my brother was not so lucky, he had to be in Intensive Care for a while and had to stay hospitalised for months. Seeing him in that environment was heartbreaking, because being a kid in a hospital is never fun. That's why I appreciate the noble cause that Starlight Foundation stands for, which is to brighten up the lives of hospitalised kids and their families.

Status Updates

Humberto has booked to ride on 24 Oct starting at 08:30
10 months ago
Lynette Cole donated $50
10 months ago
Humberto joined the team "Assurance"
12 months ago
The team's fundraising target is $5,000 so far they have raised $1,075. Donate to Humberto to help the team reach their target. Donate Now
Humberto has booked to ride on 21 Oct starting at 08:30
10 months ago
Humberto Jimenez Martinez donated $25
10 months ago
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