Romain Auger-Ottavi

EY Sydney

$85 Raised

Target $250

Raising money for

Weave Youth & Community Services

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My Rides Schedule

Tuesday 23 October

13.20 KM

12:30 - 13:00

Assurance & FSO (Tues - Bike 2)

Why am I taking part

To make a difference

Status Updates

vinay sheoran donated $25
over 1 year ago
Christophe Hoareau donated $50
over 1 year ago
C'est plus dur sans le moteur, non ?
Liv Dorai Raj donated $10
over 1 year ago
Don't eat too much Banana Bread over the weekend!
Romain joined the team "Assurance and FSO"
almost 2 years ago
The team's fundraising target is $1,000 so far they have raised $6,256. Donate to Romain to help the team reach their target. Donate Now
Romain has booked to ride on 23 Oct starting at 12:30
almost 2 years ago