Todd Whitley


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Ronald McDonald House South East Queensland Chapter


Martin Brower Queensland

Raised $1,750 of $500

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Why am I taking part

I consider myself fortunate to have lived in a major city and near major hospitals when my son was born. The first few months of his life were spent mostly in hospital. It was tough, certainly on him but tough on us too. Back and forth to the hospital once, twice, three times a day. Most nights at least one of us got to go home to our own bed, to spend time with our daughter in our home. Being able to withdraw to your own home did make life seem a little normal I guess. Nothing can remove the stress of a seriously sick child, but being close to them and being close to somewhere you can go to recharge is so important. In a house, in a home where people care. Not everyone lives that close but sometimes some of us need to just for a while. That is why I give to Ronald McDonald House.

Status Updates

Todd Whitley posted an update
over 2 years ago
Thanks everyone for supporting this great cause, you've smashed my target. I'm heading off soon to talc up and slide into my Lycra, will post pics shortly........
over 2 years ago
go get 'em guys.
Colin Honey donated $25
over 2 years ago
Danny Mears donated $50
over 2 years ago
Amy Pearson donated $10
over 2 years ago
Karen Mears donated $50
over 2 years ago
Cassie Whitley donated $50
over 2 years ago
Such a great cause, we are proud of you Todd.
Craig Maher donated $25
over 2 years ago
I hope you not wearing Lycra!
Aaron Cullen donated $50
over 2 years ago
Todd joined the team "Martin Brower Queensland"
over 2 years ago
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